Project execution

Project execution

From a vision to a project

At this stage you have a dream, an idea. This stage of the project is very interesting and at the same time – very important. The decisions made during this stage will have an influence throughout the project and will affect the final result, as well as the overall success of the project.

We suggest to dedicate some time to collect information and analyse it. A lot of information can be found in various sources: it is worth talking to construction experts and house manufacturers with experience in manufacturing and building timber-frame-panel houses. The deeper you go into the project and the more time you dedicate, the bigger is the possibility of making the right decisions. When contacting us you may not have any plans of the house or have plans that are not suitable for a timber-frame-panel house. In any case, we will clarify your needs, wishes and vision and after summarising the information we have, we will help you choose a suitable project. After getting you acquainted with the construction of panel houses and the materials used, we will help you avoid making the wrong decision. When we agree on the project of the house you will be presented with a specifically-priced offer. Upon signing the contract agreement, it is time to move on to the next stage – manufacturing the house.

Manufacturing the house

Panel house is a house built from factory-made panels. Using a specialised panel house design software SEMA, our technologists will prepare the constructional plans of the house, where every detail and segment is detailed. Following these plans, the panels that make up the house, such as wall, partition or roof panels, will be manufactured. The completion level of a house made within the manufacturing facility is usually up to 80%. High quality of the internal surfaces of the house allows to reduce the expenses on the decoration that often are not cheap. Usually producing the constructional plans of the house and the manufacturing process takes four to six weeks. When manufactured, the panels are stored in the manufacturing facility until the predetirmined assemblage date


The stage of assembling the panels at the construction site is no less crucial compared to the manufacturing stage. Every assmbler team is made up of experienced workers. Our staff assembles the panels according to the predetiremined constructional plans and ensures that the house is properly insulated. The assemblage is carried out using an auto crane, straight from the transportation, after checking the measurements of the house and adjusting the heights. Modern insulation-hermetization technologies and fastening parts are used in the assemblage process. After assembling the walls of the ground floor, a partition is built, then the first-floor walls, the rim beams, the purlins and the roof panels are installed. Roof elements can be supplied in separate parts or as pre-assembled panels. Assemblage of a medium-sized house usually takes three-to-five days.