About us

UAB “Skydmedis” was established in 1999 upon reorganizing the branch of AB „Panevėžio statybos trestas“ - „Skydmedis“. That same year the panel house manufactured by our company was recognized as Lithuania’s Product of the Year in the contest organised by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists.

Since the company has been established, we have accumulated extensive experience in manufacturing panel houses of various sizes and purposes using Scandinavian technologies.

Panel houses is our main product. We take great pride in it, as well as the constantly growing sales of it. Recommendations from former and current clients prove the quality of our product, the reliability of our company, our quality teamwork and our proper attitude towards the client.

More than 80 % of our production is being successfully exported to Norway, Sweden, France, Switzerland and Iceland among other countries.

The evolving construction trends as well as the entering of Scandinavian traditions into the market, has resulted in a noticeable increase in our Lithuania-based clients.

We are happy to offer a product we have perfected over the years to our clients in Lithuania and the rest of Europe.

We take into account the needs of our clients when it comes to individuality, quality and safety. We keep in mind that every house is a dream house and every detail of it is important

Our company particularly cherishes the good reputation it has acquired over the years. We scrupulously carry out our obligations and endeavour to be a reliable partner.

Manufacturing headquarters

UAB “Skydmedis” is based in a 10 000 m² manufacturing facility in the city of Panevėžys.
This production area and the available technical staff enables us to produce ten medium-sized houses per month (1500m2). Consequently, we can build a medium-sized house in six weeks after confirming the order.

Using the most up-to-date and proven technologies we can ensure impeccable product quality.
We kindly invite you to visit the company and learn more about the manufacturing process and the production facilities.


The quality and longevity of panel houses depend the most on the quality of materials used, the knowledge of the particularities related to handling wood products and the experience in assembling panels in the construction area where final segment connections are executed, hermetic qualities are ensured and construction of internal and external decoration is completed.

Exceptionally competent staff, quality certified materials and modern equipment allow us to attain impeccable results. The panel houses produced by our company are of the highest quality and as a result are highly evaluated in both Lithuanian and foreign markets.  

Why choose us?
  • We have 19 years of experience in manufacturing and assembling panel houses, with over one thousand houses already completed.
  • We specialize only in the panel-house-manufacturing field, hence we face the various nuances and issues daily and know the appropriate solutions.
  • Project managers monitor the project and take responsibility for it, starting from the agreement with the client and up to submitting the completed object Throughout the whole manufacturing-assemblage period the client communicates with the same person, which is very convenient for them.The know-how of our project managers is constantly improved through various training courses, seminars and apprenticeships.
  • We use professional software when we design our houses, the most up-to-date technologies when we manufacture them and our experience and professional tools when we assemble them
  • We cherish our reputation and endeavour to spread it in every possible way
  • Many clients have chosen us based on recommendations. That proves the high quality of our products, as well as the general reliability of the company.
  • Ordering a house from us you will not be buying a pig in the poke. You will receive all the necessary information, accurate house plans, visualisation, texture and composition of the materials, recommendations, etc.
  • We always abide by the set deadlines
  • We never forget the fact that this house is YOUR dream house!
  • We provide warranty of up to ten years for our products
The company possesses many awards, certificates, diplomas. The most recent one is the SINTEF certificate and we are currently the only house manufacturer in the country to have it.
Map of implemented projects